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Consignment Terms


URBANITY offers 40% back to the consignor on better brand labels (think Banana Republic, Madewell, Zara Fossil), 50% back on contemporary designers (think Helmut Lang, premium denim, Erica Tanov, Coach) or 60% back on luxury labels (think Chanel, Gucci Louis Vuitton).
Merchandise submitted for consignment must be in-season, clean and in excellent condition. See more about our selection process here. Items are accepted on a consignment basis only (payment for items will be made after the item(s) have sold). A price for each item is set by Urbanity. Items will markdown according to a markdown schedule associated with their value rating determined by Urbanity. At the end of the consignment term items which remain unsold will be removed from the sales floor and held for consignors to pick up by the pickup date listed on the item list email furnished by URBANITY at time of consignment.  Items will be donated to charity once their pick up date has passed if the consignor has not previously arranged pickup of unsold items.